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Egyptian statuette: Kiwarm cat

The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt represent a considerable host of more than a thousand supernatural powers, but Bastet, daughter of the sun god Ra, is sometimes thought to be the daughter of Amen. Kiwarm is a goddess with two faces: in her cat or cat-headed form, she is the benevolent protector of humanity, also a musician goddess of joy and goddess of childbirth.

An object full of history and passion for your interior decoration.


Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks

Features :

width 10 cm x Length 12 cm x Height 24 cm (4 x 6 x12 inches)
Materials: Made of resin, durable and covered with paint and gilding.
Colorful and fine detail, smooth surface, easy to clean.
color: black and gold
adapted and resistant packaging
a tracking number will be sent after the order is placed


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Category: egypte

Type: statuette

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