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Reproduction canvas The dance of Henri Matisse

Very beautiful reproduction of one of the most famous works of Matisse, the dance. This painting dates from 1909 and is an ode to life, joy, physical abandonment, in front of an emblem of modern art. Matisse used only three colors to represent this festive scene: blue, green, and red. In keeping with the traditional color associations of fauvism, these three vivid hues create a deep contrast. 

The economy of style and detail creates ambiguous characters: neither their facial expression nor their gender are clearly defined. The red silhouettes are simply underlined by contours applied on a blue and green background. Matisse explored the relationship between colors and lines to create harmony. 


Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks


dimensions :
small size :40 x 60 cm
average: 60 x 90 cm 
large size: 70 x 105 cm 

No Frame
Materials: high definition printed canvas
colors : bright
adapted and resistant packaging
a tracking number is sent after the order is placed

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