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Abstract painting Gold circle

The circle,a certain form of perfection, by its symmetry and absence of asperity, for, according to Ronsard, "nothing is excellent in the world if it is not round"; since Greek antiquity, sphericity has been associated with perfection, and therefore with divinity; for Kepler, the circle represents the Holy Trinity, "The Father in the center, the Son in the surface, the Holy Spirit in the equality of the relationship from the center to the periphery. And although the centre, the surface and the interval are obviously three, yet they are one, to such an extent that one cannot even imagine that one is missing without destroying the whole thing3";

a continuous and infinite movement, the notion of cycle; it is one of the representations of restarting (ouroboros), continuity, eternity and cyclic time (see the wheel of time of Kalachakra Tantra), with the variant of the spiral 

Delivery times: 2 to 3 weeks
Characteristics: dimensions 50 x 75 cm
materials: hand-painted canvas
colours; red and gold


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