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Le 1er musée du selfie à Los Angeles - Fineartsfrance

A museum dedicated to the history and art of ‘selfies’ in Los Angeles

April 05, 2018

The Museum of Selfies in Glendale is the creation of Tommy Honton and Tair Mamedov, two escape-room designers who, together, wanted to explore the history of the selfie and why people feel the need to capture and reproduce images of themselves.

A few of the interactive installations across the 8,000-square-feet of museum space will include a faux skyscraper that people can climb for a rooftop selfie, a "bathroom selfie" area configured as a two-sided room and an exhibit for the ubiquitous "food selfie."

There will also be an exhibit dedicated to the pitfalls of narcissism, examining the unusual number of deaths from ambitious selfie attempts.

Much of the art on display was designed and commissioned by Honton and Mamedov as well as work by artists inspired by the the subject matter.

Honton said that, although he's taken a few licks from the "serious" art world since he announced the project, he thinks those who enter the museum as skeptics will leave happy.

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