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A major art event in Kansas City

April 16, 2018

Forty visual artists from ten countries have been chosen to exhibit their work at Open Spaces 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri. Other artists from performing, film, and interactive disciplines will also showcase their work at the city-wide event, which spans nine weekends from August 25 to October 28. (The others will be announced later this spring.)

Each of the 40 exhibition artists will bring a bold and impactful concept to Open Spaces 2018, while reflecting the strong history and diversity of Kansas City and its people,” Dan Cameron, Open Spaces’s artistic director, said in a statement. “We look forward to working with each one to present works of art that open the minds of our visitors through a wide variety of expressions, using a range of visual languages.”

The artist list follows in full below.

Anila Quayyam Agha — Indianapolis, IN
Nevin Aladağ — Berlin, Germany
Alexandre Arrechea — Miami, FL
Rina Banerjee — New York, NY
Sanford Biggers — New York, NY
Shawn Bitters — Kansas City, MO
Jacob Burmood — Ottawa, KS
Kathy Butterly — New York, NY
Martin Cail — Kansas City, MO
Nick Cave — Chicago, IL
Flávio Cerqueira — São Paulo, Brazil
Dawn DeDeaux — New Orleans, LA
Jill Downen — Kansas City, MO
Dario Escobar — Guatemala City, Guatemala
Nikita Gale — Los Angeles, CA
Rashawn Griffin — Olathe, KS
Tanya Hartman — Lawrence, KS
Trey Hock and Brent Jackson — Roeland Park, KS
Matthew Jensen — New York, NY
Brad Kahlhamer — Brooklyn, NY
Kimsooja — New York, NY and Seoul, South Korea
Domenico Lancellotti and Lucia Koch — Rio De Janiero and São Paulo, Brazil
Karen McCoy — Kansas City, MO
Dylan Mortimer — Kansas City, MO
Never Records/Ted Riederer — New York, NY
Sarah Nguyen — Warrensburg, MO
Ebony G. Patterson — Lexington, KY and Kingston, Jamaica
Lee Quiñones — Brooklyn, NY
Anthony Marcos Rea — Kansas City, MO
Randy Regier — Wichita, KS
Michael Schonhoff — Kansas City, MO
Joyce J. Scott — Baltimore, MD
Sike Style Industries — Kansas City, MO
Paul Anthony Smith — Brooklyn, NY
Shinique Smith — Brooklyn, NY
Federico Solmi — New York, NY
Jennifer Steinkamp — Los Angeles, CA
Carlie Trosclair — St. Louis, MO
Nari Ward — New York, NY
Jillian Youngbird — Kansas City, MO

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