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Facebook censure la nudité dans l'art - Fineartsfrance

Facebook censors nudity in art

March 04, 2018

In 2016, it was "the Napalm Girl", a famous photograph showing a naked girl fleeing a bombardment during the Vietnam war, who had been targeted by Facebook.

This week, the world's largest social network has unleashed a new controversy by censoring a photo of "Willendorf's Venus", a statuette of a naked woman that has almost 30,000 years old.

The news was revealed by Art Newspaper, a trade magazine that discovered that Mark Zuckerberg's firm had censored a message with a picture of the "Willendorf Venus" posted on the social network. Faced with the outcry, Facebook apologized on Thursday and acknowledged a "mistake". However, the social network recalled that its "advertising policy does not allow for suggested nudity or nudity" but that it agrees to "make an exception for statues".


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