Statuette sitting Buddha

The seated Buddha: According to the gesture of his hands, called "mudrâ" in Sanskrit, it represents certain episodes of the Buddha's life or symbolic attitudes: meditation (the two hands placed one on top of the other in the lap), awakening (when he touches the ground with his right hand), teaching (the hands in front of his chest, with the thumb and index finger of each hand touching), giving (the right hand on his knee, open in front of the spectator), calming (the right hand raised, the palm pointing towards the spectator).

This decorative object is the piece of art you need to bring a touch of spirituality to your home or on a desk.


Delivery times: 2 to 3 weeks

Features :

dimensions: 13 cm height 8 cm width, thickness: 5 cm
materials: synthetic resin
color: multicolored
protected and resistant packaging
a tracking number is sent after the order is placed

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